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Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Unit

    Our mission is to provide comfort for our clients and we understand that this is possible if your HVAC needs are satisfied in a timely manner. We strive to provide repair services the same day as we receive your call.  During our service call it is important to communicate us any problems you have noticed with your system, this will help us faster detect the origin of the issue. An overall inspection of the unit will be done during the service to ensure there are no other problems that might arise in the nearest future. Such components as fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat, etc., will be checked for any faults. At the end of our visit we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your HVAC system. We will provide you with some tips on how to take care of your HVAC system so you know it runs properly. 

New clean filter is being inserted into


      Whether your furnaces runs on natural gas, oil, electric, or propane, it might need an occasional check up or even a repair. Our technicians are trained and have the expertise to address any issue big or small. Some reasons of your furnace problems might be:

  1. Dirty filters

  2. Wear and tear issues

  3. Pilot control problems 

  4. Electric Ignition problems

  5. Frequent cycling

  6. The blower continuously runs

  7. Thermostat triggered issues

  8. The furnace doesn’t have the capacity to heat the space for which was installed initially.  

  9. The furnace produces a high noise

In majority of the cases we would resolve the furnace problem the same day we receive your call. Sometimes it might be smarter to replace the furnace due to high price of parts or because the manufacturer discontinued some old unit models.

Gas-fired boiler


      Boiler is one of the most important appliances in the house when it comes to comfort. If there is a minor problem that you detect with your boiler, it is better to arrested as quickly as possible to avoid major issues such as:

1.No hot water or heat 

2. Condensate pipe freezing

3. Leaking and dripping

4. Low water pressure 

5. Thermostat malfunctioning

6. Kettling, etc.

The list of problems could go on and on, however there is no need to panic, since all of this issues can be fixed in most cases the same day as we receive your call. Our technicians will work with expertise and care to bring the comfort back in your home. 

Fixing Air Conditioner

Ductless HVAC repairs

       Ductless air conditioners work much like central air conditioners, except that air is distributed through individual air handlers in place of ducts. Like traditional AC, refrigerant cycles through an indoor and outdoor unit. Here are a few reasons you may eventually need to call for air conditioning repair.

1. Low Refrigerant: It may be due to loose connections, corrosion, or a leak from the compressor, which could indicate major damage.

2. Thermostat Trouble:  Each air handler is wired to its own thermostat for individual zone control in each area of the home. Usually, each of these also hooks up to a central master thermostat as well, which controls the entire system. If you’re experiencing problems starting one or more units, it may be due to problems with the thermostat wiring.

3. Aesthetics: Ductless blower units are mounted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, but faulty installation may lead the units to peel away from the wall.

        If you notice any of this issues or you would like to hear a specialist opinion on something, please do not hesitate to call us, we are here to help you feel comfortable. 

Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump

Your heat pump probably needs a repair if it:

1. Isn't turning on.

2. Is making an odd sound. Some of the most common sounds are a subtle gurgling or hissing sound, which often means a refrigerant leak, and a grinding noise, which usually means a problem with the air handler.

2. Has weak airflow. If the air coming out of your vents is weaker than normal, that could mean several problems, but more often than not the issue is the air handler fan belt or motor.

3. Is leaking water. That normally means that the condensate line is clogged.

4. Keeps turning on and off. Heat pumps should run slow and steady. If yours is turning on and off every few minutes, that could mean issues with airflow or the thermostat. The problem could also be an oversized unit that's short cycling, in which case you're better off replacing your unit.

This are the most common issues, but there are many more problems that should be addressed by a professional HVAC technician. 


Water Heaters

Often the decision to repair or replace comes down to the age and overall condition of the existing water heater. Some of the common problems that should be addressed by a professional technician are:

1. No hot water

2.Inadequate hot water

3.Rusty or smelly water

4.Strange noises

5. Water leak around base of heater

We are able to service you the same day and make sure to offer you a  professional fix to your Water Heater. 

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